Disaster Recovery

  • Bare-metal, dissimilar-hardware disaster recovery solutions that WORK!!
  • File and Image backup for total protection
  • Reliable data protection for individual files AND total systems
  • Physical and virtual backup and recovery
  • Back up ALL open files, including .PST
  • Restore system anywhere - P2P, P2V, V2V, V2P
  • Protect sensitive data with AES encryption
  • Granular file and system recovery
  • Backup to tape, disk, SAN/NAS, FTP or UNC path

Our disaster recovery solution is based on scheduled snapshots of one or more disk partitions. The snapshot is an exact static mirror image of the partition (frozen at that time), which guarantees a good backup even for files that are open and in use. This technology ensures restoring a failed machine using the absolute minimum time and effort. Image technology is most often used for protecting operating system partitions so that a failed machine can be rapidly returned to full operational capability after becoming unbootable (regardless of the reason). Our DR software can either operate as a stand-alone application, or can be part of a total solution when integrated with our file-by-file software. When integrated, both image and file backups are performed during the same backup session, and are written to the same media.

Image technology is extremely fast because it minimizes overhead by bypassing the file system to directly read a disk. To further minimize backup time and space requirements, software compression is automatically invoked. Lastly, a default option skips backing up all unused blocks and non-restorable files on disk (e.g. work & hibernation files). From a practical standpoint, this means that a 40GB OS partition may only require 8-10GB of backup space.

Images can literally be saved to any imaginable location! Using our ability to write a backup to every conceivable resource available, you can now protect EVERY server in your network without a tape drive. If a protected machine fails, simply boot from a universal CD, DVD, or USB Key, and restore a 10GB system partition in under 5 minutes!




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